Edward Schiappa
Professor of Comparative Media Studies | Writing, MIT

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PLEASE NOTE:  I have moved most of my articles/chapters now to Academia.edu.  Click here if you are looking for a publication that you do not find below.

Edward Schiappa, “Defining Marriage in California:  An Analysis of Public & Technical Argument,” Argumentation & Advocacy 48.4 (2012): 213-227.

Edward Schiappa, "Evolving Argument Strategies in the Debate over Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S." Proceedings of the 4th Tokyo Conference on Argumentation: The Role of Argumentation in Society (Tokyo: Japan Debate Association, 2012): 93-100.

Thomas C. Johnson and Edward Schiappa, “An Exploratory Study of the Relationships Between Televised Sports Viewing Habits and Conformity to Masculine Norms,” Journal of Sports Media, 5 (2010): 53-78.

Edward Schiappa and Jim Hamm, “Rhetorical Questions: An Introduction.” In I. Worthington, Editor, A Companion to Greek Rhetoric (London: Blackwell, 2007), pp. 3-15.

Edward Schiappa, Mike Allen, & Peter Gregg, “Parasocial Relationships and Television: A Meta-analysis of the Effects.”  In Mass Media Effects: Advances Through Meta-analysis, Eds. Ray Preiss, Barbara Gayle, Nancy Burrell, Mike Allen, and Jennings Bryant (Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2007), pp. 301-314.

Edward Schiappa, Peter B. Gregg, & Dean E. Hewes, “Can One TV Show Make a Difference?  Will & Grace and the Parasocial Contact Hypothesis,” Journal of Homosexuality, 51 (2006): 15-37.

Edward Schiappa, Peter B. Gregg, & Dean E. Hewes, “The Parasocial Contact Hypothesis,” Communication Monographs, 72 (2005): 95-118.

Edward Schiappa, Peter B. Gregg, & Dean E. Hewes, “Can a Television Series Change Attitudes about Death? A Study of College Students and Six Feet Under.”  Death Studies 28 (2004): 459-474.

Edward Schiappa and Mary F. Keehner, “The Lost Passages of Kenneth Burke’s Permanence and Change,” Communication Studies 42 (1991): 189-98.

Edward Schiappa, “The Rhetoric of Nukespeak,” Communication Monographs 56 (1989): 253-72.

Edward Schiappa, “‘Spheres of Argument’ as Topoi for the Critical Study of Power/Knowledge,” Spheres of Argument, ed. Bruce Gronbeck (Annandale, VA: Speech Communication Association, 1989), 47-56.

Edward Schiappa, “Sophisticated Modernism and the Continuing Importance of Argument Evaluation.”  In G. T. Goodnight (Ed.), Arguing Communication and Culture: Selected Papers from the 12th NCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation (Washington, D.C.: National Communication Association, 2002), pp. 51-58.

Edward Schiappa, Robert L. Scott, Alan G. Gross, Raymie McKerrow, “Rhetorical Studies as Reduction or Redescription?:  A Response to Cherwitz and Hikins.”  Quarterly Journal of Speech 88 (2002): 112-120

Edward Schiappa, "Second Thoughts on Critiques of 'Big Rhetoric'," Philosophy & Rhetoric, 34 (2001): 260-274.

Edward Schiappa, “Some of My Best Friends are Neosophists: A Reply to Consigny,” Rhetoric Review 14 (1996): 272-79.

Edward Schiappa, “Burkean Tropes and Kuhnian Science: A Social Constructionist Perspective on Language and Reality,” Journal of Advanced Composition 13 (1993): 401-22.

Edward Schiappa, Professional Development During Your Graduate Education (Washington, D.C.: National Communication Association, 2009).

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